Let’s Talk Lashes: My Luxury and Drugstore Mascara Favorites

While I was working in cosmetics, I tried tons of different mascaras, and I’ve definitely got my favorites. I’ve rounded up them up for you here!

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First of all, lash primer is a game changer. For years, I could never figure out why my mascara was melting off my lashes by the middle of the day. I had dry skin, and I generally used high quality mascaras. I would literally have to take under eye concealer with me everywhere I went and apply it throughout the day to hide the mascara that had caused me to look like I had dark circles. I know, not a viable solution. Then I tried lash primer. Not only did it give my lashes so much more volume, but it also kept my mascara on my lashes all day. No more melty eye lashes for me!

Lancôme Definicils lash primer | I have to say this primer is the first I ever tried, and it will always be my favorite. It deposits a good deal of product, but also works to separate my lashes. It’s nice and wet, and not too sticky in texture which is nice for a natural, yet defined look.

Dior lash primer | I worked for Dior, and this was one of our top sellers. I showed so many customers the difference when they used the primer vs. mascara alone and they were astounded. This one is particuarly good for your lashes. We used to say “skincare for your eyelashes,” and it’s true.

Loréal Voluminous Lash Paradise lash primer | This is the one I use daily. It’s a super affordable option (thank you Target 2-pack!). It also deposits a lot of product and stays wet on your lashes, so you can get your mascara on easily before the product dries. It adds a ton of volume, and I have to admit you have to work to get that separation of the lashes you may be looking for.

There are a few things that make a good mascara to me. The brush, the consistency of the formula, and the color of the formula. For me, I like fluffy brushes as opposed to applicators made of rubbery plastic. To me, it seems to distribute more product evenly and gives me more volume. Often, mascara formula clumps together before you even get the formula on the brush. I like the formula to be wet enough to be clump-free, but not too thin either. Additionally, I like very black mascara. There are some formulas that almost look grey or brown to me, and they do not make the eyes pop.

Lancôme Definicils | A classic and a best-seller for good reason. This mascara separates, defines and lengthens. This mascara makes my lashes look the longest they ever have. It’s also a super gentle formula, so you don’t have to worry about damage.

Lancôme Monsieur Big | This mascara deposits a ton of products without clumping, because the formula is super wet. You definitely need a primer with this mascara. I used to layer it over definicils mascara and primer of a super dramatic effect for evening.

Loréal Voluminous Lash Paradise| This mascara is the one I use daily right now. The price is right, and it reminds me of Better Than Sex Mascara. Super volume and super black formula. You need a primer with this mascara because it’s formula isn’t super gentle, and it helps the lashes become more separated.

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