What I Really Keep in My Makeup Bag


As a former makeup artist and beauty advisor, I definitely cycle through lots of different products. Some I try and discard, some I try and never buy again (either because it was a treat or I don’t like it), but some remain a part of my daily routine. Most of my daily products come from the drugstore; simply because I’m living in the reality that is my 20s. If I could, I would buy all luxury brand cosmetics, and live at department store counters. I truly love the world of high-end cosmetics, having worked in it for many years. However, since I no longer have any sort of discount, the above photograph is the reality of what stays in my bag. Don’t get me wrong though. I swear by everything I keep in there. Look below for the full listing with descriptions!

  1. Skindanavia Finishing Spray: This spray was recommended to me by one of my lovely co-workers. I ordered it online for my kit (to do other people’s makeup), and I’m utterly obsessed. It’s the number one setting spray in the world, and I prefer it to Urban Decay’s All Nighter and the NYX spray I used to use religiously. After all my makeup is done, I spritz it all over my face (a little goes a long way), and I have no transfer residue and my makeup stays put. It also dries almost immediately.

  2. Real Techniques Foundation Brush: I can’t live without a good foundation brush, and this one is the best I’ve used by far. It remains soft after a week of use, and it washes so well with just brush cleaner or shampoo. Other brushes I’ve had, tend to be too stiff or have bristles that stick together as soon as they get product on them. These brushes, however, remain fluffy and blend anything super well.

  3. Mac Extra Dimension Blush: No matter how popular the no-blush, totally matte look becomes, I will always be team rosy glow! This blush makes me look SO much more awake, and brightens my whole face. It has a little bit of luminescence, which I only recommend for younger complexions. I get rosy cheeks, and the color looks bright in the pot, but once applied with a powder brush, it seriously mellows out and blends.

  4. Hydra Life Cooling Sorbet Eye Gel: The container may look tiny, but this has lasted me SO long. This is my investment piece, and it is so worth it. Eyes are the first feature to show age on every face. I’m 22, and I already have lines!! You need to start taking care of them now. Hydra Life Skincare by Dior has won the Nobel Prize in skincare, because of the technology it utilizes to hydrate your skin. The applicator is also amazing, because it is made to keep your hands from touching your eyes and it allows you to gently massage the product on. The cooling effect is soothing for the eye area and reduces puffiness. I apply this night and day. Remember, don’t ever use a facial moisturizer on your eyes, unless it is formulated for that. The skin around your eye area is much thinner, and face products won’t absorb correctly, potentially leaving bumps around the eyes.

  5. Superstay Matte Ink by Maybelline in Heroine: This shade is the perfect red for me. Not too blue or dark, but not too orange either. It’s just the perfect line between cool & warm. The texture slides on easy and isn’t drying, but it also doesn’t bleed beyond your lips. I’ve worn this plenty of times without liner and it stays on and stays in place indefinitely. I’ve never had it fade, and I have to use makeup remover to take it off each time I use it. It also doesn’t transfer to other surfaces!

  6. Infallible Total Cover Foundation I’m addicted to this foundation. I’ve been using it since the summer, and I kept using it throughout fall and winter. It stays matte without being drying to super dry skin. It also stays on unlike any other foundation I’ve used. Generally, long wear dries my skin out of goes on too cakey, but this slides on so evenly with a brush (I’ve used my fingers before & it got the job done!)

  7. Elf brow gel: This is the one thing I don’t leave the house without. I used to wear this in my early adolescence prior to wearing makeup. My eyebrows don’t like to stay in place or lay flat, so this combs them and holds them in place. When I use this, you can’t tell my brows have been gelled at all! I have yet to see this product be over $2 in the time I’ve started using it.

  8. Loréal Lash Paradise Primer and Mascara: See what I have to say about this mascara here.