Why I Named My Blog Melody & Grit

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It's been a hot minute since my last blog post. If you follow my professional singing website or Instagram, you know I've been busy producing, directing, and performing in a show. Things got a bit HECTIC to say the least. I almost feel like I need to reintroduce myself. What better way than to tell you what's in a name. 

Melody & Grit

A little over a year ago, I decided to start this blog as another creative outlet. I'm a musician, so I'm addicted to self-expression. When I was deciding what to call this blog, I had a few ideas. Like all great ideas, someone had already had them. I really had my heart set on naming this blog, "Panache" after my favorite book and sentiment. (Cyrano de Bergerac is the best drama ever written; don't fight me on this.) Someone already did that though! Her blog is fire, check it out here. 

I needed something that I felt represented who I was. My style has always been a reflection of who I am. I've never liked a trend for the sake of it. I wore cowboy boots in high school, because I rode western. I wear vintage clothes, because I listen to the music and watch the films. Style is a statement for me, so I needed the name to go beyond the surface. Music is everything to me so the word "melody" fit pretty naturally. That being pretty generic, I needed another word. A yang to the yin. 

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I decided to dig a little deeper, so I asked myself: What are my qualities? What do I value? Loaded questions I KNOW. Well, I learned pretty early in life, that the one of the most, if not the most important things in life, is the ability to endure. If you can endure pain, guilt, sorrow, strife, struggle, tragedy, you can do anything. And I don't mean sit there and take it and not do anything about it. Endurance requires you to "not give way." Endurance requires you to find solace, peace, and faith in times of struggle. During the second semester of my freshman year of college, I dealt with personal struggles that I don't wish on anyone. My private voice teacher, who is an INCREDIBLE, strong, fierce woman told me at the end of that year that I had a lot of grit. That is  the best compliment I have ever received, and probably ever will. Sure, I flipped out, cried, sought help, all of that. However, my life didn't skip a beat. I don't think I'm the strong necessarily, but I will find a way to endure and not let my spirit "give way." 

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So...yeah. Melody & Grit it is. 


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All of the images on this blog post were taken by my dear friend and favorite person to work with, Allie Stewart. Check out her work here.