October Picks

What you can catch me wearing, eating, drinking, and experiencing this month!



Despite almost every other blogger’s excitement over fall, I couldn’t be more upset! This summer was an amazing one for me, and there’s nothing appealing about fall weather to me. I actually think I have more fashion options when it’s warm outside…I know you don’t agree. It’s okay. However, to perk myself up, I treated myself to this fall vest from Altard State. I love the length. It’s long enough to be cozy, but it doesn’t swallow my petite frame. It comes in orange and blue as well, which is adorable, but I went with the red and navy, so that I can wear it with red lipstick.

I also recently went on a huge vintage shopping trip with my friend Alexa from Strawberry Vanilla. I’ll be showing you where we shopped along with my outfits soon!


baby loves tacos.png

The cafe owner I work for is a total foodie. He’s tried 57 different restaurants in Pittsburgh in the last year, which is absolutely incredible. He. knows. food. I told him I love tacos, and he said I have to get to Baby Loves Tacos in Bloomfield, so guess where I’ll be heading?! There. You guessed it.

ALSO, more tacos. I tried La Poblanita in Coraopolis for the first time last week, and I’ll definitely be back this month. It’s the perfect fast lunch. Super delish tacos grilled fresh outside a Mexican grocery store. Get there a little early, because the line gets insane right at noon for lunch! Their chorizo is incredible, and their super fresh toppings bar makes it easy and fast to customize!


califia farms almond vanilla creamer.jpg

I work at a cafe in the morning into the afternoon before I teach, and they got me hooked on this dairy-free Califia Farms almond creamer! The almond vanilla is my favorite (not too sweet, and not distinctive enough that I get sick of it), but they also have maple pecan, hazelnut, and pumpkin spice. I’ve been pairing it with cold-brew at home, because I’m not letting go of cold coffee until it snows. You can buy the creamer at Whole Foods and Safran’s in Sewickley.

BRGR just opened a new pop up bar in East Liberty called the Wayfayer, and it is honestly one of the coolest spots I’ve been in Pittsburgh. It has an incredible view that includes parts of Shadyside on one end and East Liberty Presbyterian Church on the other. They have events there with different DJs and the last one I attended was a blast. Click on the link, so that you can keep up with the events that will be coming up. The cocktails are incredible here as well. I got the best Aperol Spritz I’ve ever had and a super spicy Jalapeño Margarita.

I’ll be heading to the Lorelai soon with Hannah, a pittsburgh vlogger and friend! Just from taking a peek at their menu, I’ll definitely be giving the Redhead Swizzle a try! I love Jägermeister and strawberry-infused Jägermeister sounds even better. UPDATE: Hannah and I hit this place for Friday happy hour, and not many things were on special! At least not that we wanted! I tried the Redhead Swizzle, and it was incredible, but very strong. Only have one if you’re not planning on driving! Also the place is highly instragammable! The aesthetic is gorgeous!


IMG_0121 (2).JPG

My October is filled with travel! Boston and Williamsburg, VA are on the list. I’ll be spending only a little over 24 hours in Boston, but I’ll have time in Williamsburg to share all of my favorite spots! If you want a to-do list prior to my trip, comment below, otherwise I’ll be posting the travel journal afterward. I was there last January (pic of me then above), and had a blast with New Years festivities, but I’m excited to enjoy fall activities in one of my favorite places. It’s hard for me to make plans this month, because of my work and travel schedule, but I’ll certainly add to this list later on if I do any other fun fall activities this October!