Blue Summer Cocktail for Fourth of July


This is one of my favorite weeks of the entire year. In case I haven’t said this enough, summer is my favorite season. Spring is a close second with all its new beginnings, but to me, there is nothing that compares to warm weather and long days. The week of the fourth is so sweet to me, because we celebrate get to celebrate the birth of our independence and freedom as Americans. Cookouts, pool parties, fireworks, time spent with our loved ones, nothing seems to compare to that to me. Simple, free, and spirited. 

Since I’ll be busy celebrating and continuing to get ready for my move, here’s a simple cocktail recipe that I hope you share with your loved ones this week. I call it the Blue Summer, but really it’s just the closest I can get to a Mr. Wonderful. 

Blue Summer Cocktail

  1. Any glass will work! 

  2. Tastes best with ice, so start there!

  3. 1 shot blue curacao

  4. ½ shot of peach schnapps

  5. Fill the rest with 2 parts gingerale, 1 part cranberry juice

  6. Garnish with a Maraschino cherry if you’re feeling festive!

  7. Careful with these! They’re not quite at the level of a long island, but they’re close!


All photos were taken by my gorgeous friend Christina of the @authenticadventurer! Please give her a follow!

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