Seven Things on My Spring To-Do List


Spring is my favorite season. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE summer, but the anticipation that comes along with spring quite literally makes my heart soar. Cheesy? Maybe. Can I wipe the smile off my face when the sun shines through my window and the birds are chirping? Nope. That grin is ear to ear. Here’s a roundup of everything on my list of fun things-to-do this spring! Some of it will be centered around Pittsburgh & others you can take up in any city! Let me know if you decide to do any of these + what’s on your spring bucket list!

A Night at the Opera

Now, I make it to the opera quite a lot, but it’s rare that I “do it up right.” Often, I’m ushering the performance or I’m rushing to get there after work. I also rarely go with anyone else. This time, I’m going to invite some friends that love opera as much as I do, get dinner in town before hand, and get a night cap afterward. My voice teacher, Sari Gruber, is performing as Musetta in La Boheme at Pittsburgh Opera, and I can barely contain myself, I’m so excited. The first large opera production I ever saw at age fifteen was Don Giovanni at Pittsburgh Opera, and my voice teacher current voice teacher, Sari, was singing Zerlina.

Picnic at Frick or Riverview (or any park that’s not Schenley)


I am not trying to hate here, I’m really not. I love the Schenley Overlook, but I’ve had a total of a thousand picnics there. It’s time for me to broaden my park horizons. I take picnics very seriously. In fact, I have a real, traditional, split birch and plaid picnic basket from Eddie Bauer that I use every time. If you want to know what I pack for picnics, stay tuned! I’ll have blog post on that soon.

Have a Nature Photoshoot

I have this one already scheduled with Megan Alea, and I’m so excited! I do so, so many city scapes, industrial parks, and indoor shoots, that I hardly ever make it into nature to shoot. While I consider myself to be an urban dweller now, I grew up in a log cabin tucked away on wide open property for the early years of my life. I worked on tractors, rode dirtbikes, and spent 70% of my time in nature, but somehow I got away from it. I can’t wait to see what this shoot brings, and get back in that element.

Have Lots of Sober Nights Out


I’m not big on drinking, and in an effort to save cash, I often volunteer to be the designated driver. Lately, I’ve been having a few and spending the money on ubers, but it’s already starting to get old for me. Regardless of whether I’m hungover the next day, I don’t feel like I wake up in perfect voice either. Not to mention, nights seem to last longer when I’m not drinking. I never fail to have a good time when I’m with fun people. Also, I’m much much more likely to drive everyone up to Mount Washington to see the view at 3 am or take people to Ritters for food after the bar if I’m sober than I would be to take a few ubers there while I’m intoxicated. By no means am I having a dry spring, but I’m definitely not partaking each weekend.

Start Baking Pies Again


I’m not big on sweets whatsoever, but I love to bake and give it to people. It’s so rewarding and stress relieving to me. I make an amazing fruit pie, but I haven’t made one for years. I can’t wait to start rolling my homemade dough again and sharing it with others. If you have an idea of the fruit I should start with, let me know! I’m thinking white peaches, but I might have to wait for them to be in stores!

Re-read all the Gospels Before Easter

I read the gospels cohesively in college, but I haven’t come back to them in that way since. Picking out chapters is great, but reading each of them cohesively can renew my connection and understanding of them. Easter is my favorite “holiday” if you will. Each year I am reminded that nothing can keep me from God’s radical, unconditional love. I’ve gone through many a tough time, and each year the celebration of His love and the renewal of baptismal promises re-energizes me and brings me profound peace. If you need a little help starting a reading plan, Bible Gateway offers a great one.

Finally Make it to Herban Touch Juice Lab

My boss has been talking about this place since I started work with him, and because I never travel to Beaver, I’ve never made it here, but I can’t stay away any longer! He showed me photographs of the food boards the owner made for a party, and I thought my eyeballs were going to fall out. Not only is the food delicious and wholesome he says, but it is Instagram-worthy!

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