My Take: The Philadelphia Story

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I am a sucker for a well-made Romantic Comedy. I can understand why some people steer clear of the entire genre though. They can be fairly formulaic, at times downright predictable, and at worst…corny. However, most classic Romantic Comedies I’ve watched have surprised me, made me laugh out loud, and compelled me think about life and the way people love one another. The Philadelphia Story is still unequaled among Romantic Comedies. From the start, I’m laughing, and by the end, I’m happy crying. The film transitions seamlessly from earnest moments where Tracy is reflecting on her own character to the moments of ridiculous hilarity of Macaulay Connor waking C.K. Dexter Haven at two a.m. The narrative is one of self-discovery for both Tracy Lord and Macaulay Connor. They discover who they are, and in the process, who they love. The most poignant moment in the film is the interaction between Tracy and her father, Seth Lord before her wedding. Let me know if you agree, and what other moments resonate with you! Post your thoughts in the comments section or join the Facebook group "Melody and Grit Classic Movie Challenge" and put it there! I'll be featuring my favorites together in a blog post! 

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