Get the Look: Double Indemnity

DI tree upper torso.jpg

Barbara Stanwyck is the ultimate femme fatale in Double Indemnity. She's absolutely flawless in looks. Perfectly polished with loads of sex appeal. She's also absolutely despicable, but some part of you likes her because of how charming she is. To recreate her style, I went for an ultra feminine cut on the top, and luxurious wide leg pants in a satin fabric. My hair is what really pulled this look together. Originally, I was going to wear bumper bangs like Stanwyck does in the film, but I actually look terrible with bangs. Thank gosh I never got them during one of the times I felt like I was having an identity crisis in my adolescence...except for that sideswept nightmare in seventh grade. All the eighth grade girls had them! Anyways, my hair was created with a large barrel curling iron, pins, hairspray, and a wet hair brush. My jewelry is from Havana's Heyday again! Check out the online store here! All my photos were taken by Alexander Corrie. 

DI full body column.jpg
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