How I'm Ditching My Winter Blues

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I love summer, but hate winter. That's my six word memoir. Nothing about winter appeals to me, and I could spend the Christmas season in Hawaii. Sure white Christmases are pretty, but so is eighty-degree weather and sunshine. Here's a list of things I do to beat my winter blues and look ahead to spring! 

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1. Essential oils

Aromatherapy is powerful. Scents can trigger memories and emotions in a way nothing else can. At this point, I've ditched the wintry scents like peppermint and cinnamon in favor of tangerine and lime. dōTERRA has some of the best stuff on the market in my opinion. 

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2. Get away

I know that it is easier said than done with work and other obligations. However, traveling doesn't always have to break the bank. Book an Airbnb in a town you can drive to, and do some touristy things.  I've been fortunate to do a bunch of traveling this winter, and it has made a world of difference. A change of scenery is sometimes all I need to really get my mind off the mundane.

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3. Make your morning routine more fun.

I'm guilty of waking up at the last minute for everything. Especially in the winter. Getting ready early just doesn't appeal to me. However, giving yourself a little more time, and including something you're going to look forward to can improve your mood for the rest of the day. Grab coffee on the way in to work. Watch music videos while you eat your breakfast (high school throwback I know). Listen to music in the shower. Call that family member you know is always up early. My pap is my morning person. 

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4. Take advantage of that odd fifty degree day. 

When I had a convertible, on the first day it broke 55 degrees, I'd put my top down and crank the heat. I never cared about the dirty looks and eye-rolls from other people. Even pretending that it was warmer than it was, and enjoying the outside air for once, made me so happy. So next time it breaks 55 this February, grill dinner outside, take an outside walk on your lunch break, and roll those windows down (or soft top if you're lucky!). 


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5. Initiate plans with your friends.

Doing so isn't always easy. I know. When you choose the venue or you are the host, you tend to feel responsible for everyone's good time. Less than 10% of the people you invite actually make it. The list goes on, but the more you initiate plans, the more you realize it's not personal. Also, you are actually only responsible for your good time, and initiating plans is yet another way to take agency of your happiness. 

Three Rivers Vintage Bell Bottom Jeans, Frye   boots  ,   Fame and Rebel Boutique   sweater

Three Rivers Vintage Bell Bottom Jeans, Frye boots, Fame and Rebel Boutique sweater

Let me know what you do to improve your mood during winter! I hope you give one these tips a try. Check out how I implement them in my Instagram stories. Here's hoping for sunny skies ahead! 

Outdoor photos are by Victoria Miller Photography, and indoor photos are by Elise Michaux. It was awesome to work with more amazing photographers at the last Pgh Blogger Babes meet-up!