Vintage Valentine Nightwear

Happy Valentine's Day!

pink holding flowers looking in mirror side view.jpeg
bathroom dimmed back against sink.jpeg
pink back against sink shows flare of dress.jpeg
pink no robe mouth slightly open touching thigh.jpeg

I don’t own a pair of sweatpants. I’m one of those people who feel more comfortable in jeans. Some evenings, I don’t take off my jeans and boots until I’m ready to go to bed. My friends in high school and college used to tease me when I showed up to movie nights in jeans. That being said, if I am lounging at home for a long period of time before going to bed, I like feeling put together. I can’t even help it. I have several full-on outfits just for lounging.

When I saw this vintage nightgown with the matching robe at a vintage flea market, I wasn’t able to pass it up. The piece is so effeminate and luxurious. The layers of material are sheer and soft to the touch. Vintage nightwear is incredible, because it’s modest and ladylike without being matronly.

All photos by Allie Stewart.