Edgy Prep

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Edgy Prep

Everyone has a signature wardrobe staple...

For me, that staple is a black turtleneck. I probably have five in my closet right now. Simple as they are, they always make me feel put together and unique. They pair perfectly with just about anything. Jeans jackets, motorcycle jackets, skirts, jeans, and in this case, an oversize blazer.

I've been coveting a pair of penny loafers all fall and winter, and I finally splurged at the Bass store while I was in Williamsburg over New Years. Of course I put a penny in one, because I'm just corny enough to do that. 

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Turtleneck (old),   Avec les filles blazer ,  STS blue jeans ,  Bass loafers ,  vintage earrings

Turtleneck (old), Avec les filles blazer, STS blue jeans, Bass loafersvintage earrings

All photos by M Phillip Photo. Check him out here.

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