Hanging Out With Natrona Bottling


Hanging out is one of the great joys in life. Most people know I’m a workaholic. I usually hold three jobs at a time, and I can’t ever think of a time in the past two years that I didn’t have a project I’m working on. I’m no stranger to a good time, though. Generally, I have to choose to put aside things on my never ending to do list to have a good time. I also have to prepare for it. When I get the chance to relax, I want to make sure I have everything I need to actually….relax.

The summertime offers the perfect season for hanging out. You can be comfortable spending long amounts of time outdoors, most things are open later than the rest of the year…even driving is made easier in clear weather. Some of my favorite memories from my adolescence are the long days that never seemed to end “hanging out” with friends. First we’d be poolside. Then we’d take a walk around the neighborhood, and the day would end in an ice cream, a bonfire, or a movie. Hanging out at its finest.

My parents always encouraged me to have this kind of time, and I’ve even spent a great deal of time “hanging out” with them. I’ve also picked up a few tricks from the pros. I’ve never met two people more equipped to “hang out” in my life. In the summertime, they always have a blanket with them for spur of the moment picnics, and year round, they have a cooler with them. That’s right. They take a cooler with them everywhere they go. Pop courses through their veins I swear. My parents claim its a deep seated rebellion among all city kids. It was illegal to “loiter” or “loaf,” and now that they can spend a long period of time in one place, they take full advantage. I guess I’m a chip off the old city block?

And yes, I’m that friend who now brings a cooler. Lately that cooler has been filled to the brim with Natrona Bottling beverages.

With the help of Natrona Bottling, I compiled a list on what you need to prepare for future spontaneity and hanging out.

#1 For adult hangouts, you can prepare several cocktails using Natrona’s products. Utilizing Quantum Grapefruit Gin and their Bitter Lemon Red Ribbon Soda, you can make an refreshing gin cocktail. With their Jamaica’s Finest Ginger Beer, lime and your favorite vodka, you can make a real moscow mule.


#2 I bring my musical instruments with me nearly everywhere now. That means both harmonica and ukulele. Fortunately, both travel very well. I can pull one out for a sing along with friends at any time. Also, fortunately enough, the internet can make learning a new song request fairly quick.

#3 I also prepare for the weather. I bring a jacket and umbrella to nearly every occasion. If I’m out a little later than I think I may be, I don’t want getting chilly to ruin my evening.

#4 I fill my cooler with pop. I love twisting open a pop on a hot day, and Natrona Bottling makes the most delicious and unique flavors. They also use pinpoint carbonation, which is a rare, vintage method using dry ice that makes the bubbles smaller. The result is incredibly refreshing and crisp. Learn more about their method here.

I hope you can try Natrona Bottling’s products soon. You can order their products directly from their website. You can also find their products at retailers everywhere around Pittsburgh! This post was sponsored by Natrona Bottling.

All photos were taken by Ashley Krause, you can find more of her work here.

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