Classic Films & Cocktail Pairings: Valentine’s Day Edition


If you’re in a relationship….

Vivacious Lady: This is one of my favorite films of all time. Romantic Comedy is an art. It can become corny or formulaic so quickly. However, when done well, it can be endearing and make you truly laugh. In Vivacious Lady, Jimmy Stewart is charming and genuine as a college professor smitten with his new wife, Ginger Rogers. Ginger brings all her spunk to this role. I think this film is funny & sweet, and Jimmy and Ginger have great on-screen chemistry.

Cocktail: Peachy Keen

Fill your flute three-quarters full with champagne and add a shot of peach schnapps on top!

The Thin Man: William Powell & Myrna Loy are quite possibly my favorite on-screen couple. Powell plays a private detective that is as clever as they come. This film will have you laughing the entire time, and the mystery will have you on the edge of your seat. This film is perfect to watch as a couple because the story is fast-paced, sweet, action-oriented, and witty.

Cocktail: Ginger Ale Highball

The Thin Man has a cocktail is his hands at all times, and you should too. Fill your highball glass with ice and a double of whiskey and top it off with some Gingerale. I prefer Seven with Canada Dry.

If you’re single…

Kitty Foyle: Maybe I’m just a huge Ginger Rogers fan, but again, this is one of my favorite films. Ginger plays a woman faced with a difficult decision to heed. Beautiful and painful memories of her past are brought to light. Kitty Foyle rises up from situations that are anything but ideal to face struggles that most never hope to encounter. Maybe ahead of its time, this film is incredibly empowering. Bring your tissues on this one.

Cocktail: Unforgettable Moments Cocktail (c/o Difford’s Guide)

I had to get some help on this one. During the film, Kitty and Wyn receive Strega liqueur at a Speakeasy from their favorite waiter. I had never heard of Strega, but it is an Italian herbal liqueur with mint and fennel. You can find it, along with the ingredients to the Unforgettable Moments, cocktail at your local liquor store.

Roman Holiday: Audrey Hepburn is incredibly charming in this tale of a princess who runs away for just a day. She “finds” herself, if you will, and experiences freedom and adventure for the first time. Light-hearted and cinematically stunning, this film will captivate you, and Gregory Peck isn’t bad eye-candy!

Cocktail: Amaretto, Coke, & Cointreau

*You can sub Cointreau for Chambord if you prefer raspberry over orange!

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