What I've Been Rummaging For This Winter

I've been rummaging through sale bins, clothes racks, and boxes for unique things since I could walk. My grandmother and I always hit thrift shops together, and my parents and I go to flea markets and yard sales constantly. I always come away with some great finds. While I love Etsy, there's something extremely satisfying about physically looking for things, pushing past a bunch of stuff you would never consider to find something you can't live without. I definitely go in phases of what I keep my eye out for, which leads to having great collections. Here's what's been on my list to keep an eye out for recently, and some of what I've came away with!

  • Gloves- The weather has been terrible in Pittsburgh, and you can't get along without a pair of gloves. Lower end antique stores and flea markets typically have piles of them. Always remember to try them on! I have very small hands, but vintage gloves have often been way too tight for me. Generally, I keep my eye out for unique colors and textures. I have a pair of red leather ones and pink suede ones that I wear constantly. My most recent buy are the driving gloves with leather detailing pictured below. I purchased them for only $10. 
  • Hats- I have a huge vintage hat collection. I love hats, because they always take an outfit to the next level. I can't wait to style the red, white, and, blue striped beret I picked up for $10.
  • Scarves- I LOVE the smaller silk, satin, or chiffon neck scarves that were popular in 50s, 60s, and 70s. You can wear them close to a million ways. I prefer to wear them tied in simple knot at the side of my neck. I look for unique colors and prints, and I can't wait to style the printed one below that I found for $2. 
What I look for a flea markets.jpg


  • Glassware- Can't say I'm a homeowner, but the adorable green mugs I got below are perfect catch-alls on my vanity at home. They're incredibly durable, and somehow, they don't look like I just left the dishes in my room. 
What I look for at the flea market 2.jpg