Trader Joe's Roundups

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Grocery store diaries…

Is there a Trader Joe’s fan club? Because I should definitely be in it. Here, I’m sharing all my must-haves from the store, and I’ll be updating it every so often! Let me know if you have a Trader Joe’s recommendation by leaving it in the comments below!


  1. Envirokidz cereal: I absolutely LOVE this cereal. Not only is it one of the only cereals I haven’t gotten sick of, but I can feel good about eating it! It only has seven grams of sugar (most cereals that taste this sweet have at least 14), and it is dairy and gluten free.

  2. Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurt: When I went dairy-free, I missed yogurt so much. Some early mornings, it’s all I can really stomach to eat. I like this alternative, although I would say you have to like coconut a lot to enjoy it. I enjoy the blueberry flavor over the vanilla, because the tartness of the blueberries reminds me of how yogurt usually tastes.

  3. Freeze dried fruit: I love putting their freeze dried fruit on my cereal and yogurt as a special treat. It’s better than dried fruit, because it contains less sugar. The strawberries and mangoes are the best!


  1. Norwegian Crisp Bread: These crips are a cross between bread and crackers! They are extremely dense, and make for a very satisfying snacks. As pictured above, they are super yummy with dairy-free cream cheese and the famous everything but the bagel seasoning.

  2. Dairy Free Cream Cheese: Trader Joe’s answered our dairy-free prayers. This tastes SO close to real cream cheese!

  3. Go Macro Bars: My favorite vegan bar. They do have a decent amount of sugar in them, but they are so delicious, and I have yet to get sick of them. They’re also soy-free!

  4. Almond Jalapeno Dip: Super unique! This has a creamy, nutty flavor that I can’t get enough of. It’s really good with tortilla chips, but I dip grape tomatoes in it.

  5. Kalamata Olive Hummus: Kalamata olives are probably in my top ten favorite foods, and I can’t get enough of this stuff. Carrot sticks are sooo yummy dipped in it!

  6. Honey Wheat Pretzels: Sweet n’ salty. ‘Nuff said.

  7. White bean and basil hummus: Ridiculously good with grape tomatoes and cucumbers.

  8. Epic Bars: My Trader Joe’s typically carries the Siracha chicken and the Bison Cranberry. The Siracha Chicken is a little too spicy for me, but the Bison Cranberry is perfect for a salty-sweet craving. Since it is packed with protein, I feel full after a bar.


  1. Siracha Shrimp Bowl: My favorite frozen meal to pack for dinner or lunch. Super satisfying, and actually tastes like something, unlike tons of other microwaveables.

  2. Plantains: Thaw them and pan sear them in a skillet. You’re in tropical heaven.

  3. Fried Rice: This acts as a side for my dinners all week, and packs more protein than just plain rice.

  4. Reduced Guilt Macaroni and Cheese: If I need a comfort food treat, and I’m deciding to have dairy, this satisfies that craving every time.

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