About melody & grit

Hi, my name is Brady, and Melody & Grit is a blog where I share everything from beauty & lifestyle content to travel guides and classic film blogs. I’m a singing actress, hence my blog name! Click here for a post on exactly how the blog got its name.

Because I travel solo a great deal, I have the opportunity to share some of that with you. I spend my time blogging, singing (mostly classical music and opera—although I do perform a good bit of cabaret!), making coffee as a barista, teaching private voice lessons, and managing a vintage Etsy store. I’m a huge classic film fan and vintage clothing addict. Melody & Grit Vintage launches collections each season. You can find lookbooks and brand updates under the “Vintage Store” tab here on the blog.

If you are looking for my professional singing website, please click here.

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Feel free to email me with any questions you may have; I always aim to be available to readers, and I love hearing your unique perspectives! I love fielding classic film, opera, and vintage clothing, and coffee questions. I’m also always able to give recommendations on places I visit if you don’t find what you’re looking for here on the blog.

P.S. I am Pittsburgh-based, so a lot of my “things to do” content will center around my city!